"I'd like more of the world go back to being wild." 

- Hayao Miyazaki


The Wild No:05, 100x60 cm, Oil on canvas, 2020

The Wild series presents a profound exploration of the alienation between individuals and their inner nature. This series is a visual experience reflecting humans' relationships and internal conflicts with wild animals. Wild animals are reproduced as reflections of oneself, integrated into human nature, and presented in intricate ways.

The series uses techniques such as oil-like brushstrokes and pixelation to symbolize the screen between humans and wild animals. These pixelated elements represent the mysterious that shrouds the wild nature within the human psyche. Although cultural and societal norms may suppress the inner wildness of individuals, these artworks aesthetically reveal and transform them into artistic forms. These highlights the impact of alienation and the tension between the inner nature of humans and the cultural constraints they strive to adapt to.


Samantha, 39.3 x 31.4 inches, St Marks Place, Brooklyn

Glance, 47.2 x 47.2 inches, St Marks Place, Brooklyn

The Wild series effectively conveys the essence of uncontrollable emotions and internal conflicts by representing nature's powerful wild animals. Wild animals symbolize freedom, strength, passion, and natural instincts. These artworks strikingly express the fusion of the energy and power of wild animals with the inner wildness of humans. The artist enables viewers to undergo profound emotional experiences and encourages them to delve into the depths of their own nature.

The Wild series invites viewers to question their own connection with their inner nature and contemplate the meaning of wild animals in human existence. Wild animals serve as symbols of freedom, power, passion, and natural instincts. In these artworks, the artist skillfully expresses the inner wild nature of humans, combined with the energy and strength of wild animals. The Wild, aims to evoke deep emotional experiences in the viewers and encourage them to embark on a journey into the depths of human nature.


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