“There’s only freedom in structure, my man. There’s no freedom in freedom.” 

— Branford Marsalis


In the sharp, delineated world of "Crosswise", The Clique Artists navigate the realm of the absolute, where sleek lines intersect with graphic colors to create a visual lexicon of clarity and conviction. Each piece is a testament to the potency of simplicity, a bold statement in the language of lines. 

The "Crosswise" series is a celebration of the linear, where direction and intention are unambiguous, and the path is always forward. The sleek lines are more than mere form; they are vectors of meaning, conduits of directionality that lead the eye and the mind on a journey across the canvas. They cut through the noise, delivering the viewer into a world where each intersection opens a new avenue of interpretation. 

Graphic colors serve as the essential backdrop to these narratives of linearity. Far from passive, these hues are active players in the visual drama, setting the stage, creating contrasts, and underscoring the dynamic tension of crossing lines. The starkness of the palette speaks to a contemporary aesthetic, one that values the bold over the bashful, the clear over the complex. 


Conculution No:04, 50cm x 50cm/  19.6x19.6 inches, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Conculution No:02, 50cm x 50cm/  19.6x19.6 inches, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Conculution No:03, 50cm x 50cm/  19.6x19.6 inches, Oil on Canvas, 2020


"Crosswise" is an ode to the precision of modern design, an acknowledgement of the beauty inherent in directness. In a world that often lauds the ornate, this series bravely bears the standard of minimalism. Yet, within each composition, a subtle complexity emerges—a dance of dimensionality and space, of shadow and light. The series invites contemplation on the intersections of life—those points of crossing that represent choice, change, and convergence. 


Through "Crosswise", The Clique Artists ask the viewers to consider these junctures, to appreciate the elegance of clean lines and the boldness of decisive color, and to find within these intersections the points where their paths may lead to new horizons. Step into the striking world of "Crosswise", where the linear meets the chromatic, and discover the power of art that dares to traverse the direct path. 



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