“There’s only freedom in structure, my man. There’s no freedom in freedom.” 

— Branford Marsalis


The Crosswise series focuses on the structured fiction of life and the moments when this fiction is abolished various times. Here, the hard geometric plane acquires volumes in various layers and produces forms in which alternative movements are added to this rigid order. Alternative textures and triangulated forms that create differentiation harmonize with the holistic structure and preserve their harmony.


There is an optimistic relationship between the repetitions that emerge here and the parts that produce the difference, increasing and reproducing each other. Thus, there is a holistic production of senses among colors, various forms and textures. The geometric abstractions presented here are clearly affirmations of life. What makes this affirmation possible is the plurality that establishes connections with the solid by accepting it as it is. 


Conculution No:04, 50cm x 50cm/  19.6x19.6 inches, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Conculution No:02, 50cm x 50cm/  19.6x19.6 inches, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Conculution No:03, 50cm x 50cm/  19.6x19.6 inches, Oil on Canvas, 2020


The human lives in the prison of language. While this being, trapped in limited words, is busy verbalizing its own impossible happiness, here the allure of the visual comes into play. These captivating representations only remind him of his distance from life. The fictional form creates some geometric forms, sometimes hard, sometimes even in soft. This is the natural result of the structure. Each fictional structure creates its own possibilities. The point here is to make room for the poetic. This is the point where the meaning shows itself!


Cross moves sometimes strengthen the setup and sometimes weaken it. In this respect, the one coming from the cross is risky. It establishes the balance of order it engages in by creating new crosses. In any case, something will be missing or too much, and this becomes the precondition of desire. The “Crosswise Series” is nothing but an attempt to awaken this desire.



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