In the "Sequences: Epic Frames" series, The Clique Artists transport viewers to the pivotal moments that define cinema's greatest narratives. Here, iconic film scenes are intricately layered onto film strip negatives, capturing the transient yet unforgettable moments that have shaped the art of filmmaking. This collection explores the interplay of light and shadow, bringing to life the still frames that continue to resonate in the collective memory of film enthusiasts.

"Epic Frames" is about the scenes that have become landmarks in cinematic history. Each artwork delves into the heart of a film's narrative, encapsulating the critical moments where stories unfold, emotions peak, and characters become legends. This series transcends a mere visual representation; it is an emotive journey through the peaks and troughs of storytelling, celebrating the scenes that have captivated audiences and stood the test of time.

From dramatic climaxes to tender exchanges, "Epic Frames" encompasses the vast emotional landscape of cinema. The Clique Artists have crafted these pieces to evoke nostalgia, excitement, awe, and a spectrum of emotions tied to these legendary cinematic moments. It is a homage to the art of cinema, to the moments that linger long after the screen fades to black, and to the enduring power of film to move and inspire.

Together, "Fame Frames" and "Epic Frames" offer a comprehensive tribute to the world of cinema, inviting viewers to relive the magic of the movies through a unique and captivating visual experience.


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