“The alternative to dualism is dialectics: that is to say, love”.

 Norman O. Brown


Sensual Transitions, 47.2x31.5 in, 120x80 cm, Oil on canvas, 2021 

In the bold and dynamic series "Contentions," The Clique Artists explore the striking balance between order and chaos through the vibrant interplay of geometric forms and vivid colors. This collection is an assertive dive into the world of abstract, where each piece is a deliberate contention between structure and spontaneity, a carefully choreographed battle between predictability and surprise. 

The series is grounded in the firm lines and sharp angles of geometry, each shape meticulously chosen and placed. Yet, within this apparent order, there is a burst of rebellious color, splashes of unrestrained vibrancy that seem to argue against the confines of their geometric homes. 

The result is a visual dialogue where every component contends for attention, yet simultaneously, they achieve a harmonious composition that is both thought-provoking and visually stimulating. "Contentions" speaks the language of contrasts — the rigid and the fluid, the monochrome and the multicolored, the silent and the loud. 

The artists utilize this language to construct a narrative that is as much about the tension inherent in art as it is about the perennial human struggle to find balance in the midst of complexity. 

Calm Rapture 01 -02 60cm x 60cm x2, Oil on canvas, 2021

Each work within the "Contentions" series is a microcosm of deliberation and debate. The viewer is drawn into a sensory conversation, invited to decipher the stories that unfold in the overlapping layers of shapes and the battle of hues. The geometric forms serve as a constant, a familiar guide through the maze of colors, suggesting that there is meaning to be found in the beautiful chaos. 

"Contentions" is a testament to The Clique Artists' mastery of abstract expression. It is a celebration of the vibrant cacophony of life, a canvas where the viewers are encouraged to confront the contention within the art and within themselves. Engage with this series and let each piece challenge your perceptions, inviting you to find serenity within the storm of colors and the rigour of lines. 


Fragile Coincidence, 100 x 150 cm, Oil on canvas, 2021


Layers of Desire, 47.2 x 35.4 in, 90 x 120 x 3 cm, Oil on canvas, 2020


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