Venture into the radiant world of Los Angeles, as seen through the dreamy lens of The Clique Artists with their "Escape" series. Taking inspiration from the city's iconic palm-studded skylines, "Escape" is an invitation to wander, to dream, and to immerse oneself in the sun-soaked ethos of LA. 

Each piece in the "Escape" series captures the emblematic palm scenes of Los Angeles but elevates them to a realm of fantasy through artful overlay of filters. These filters, with their hues and shades, infuse every scene with a sense of nostalgia, whimsy, and ethereal beauty. The familiar silhouettes of palms stand tall against these enchanted backdrops, simultaneously grounding the viewer in reality while lifting their spirits to the clouds. 

The choice of LA's palms is no coincidence. These towering figures have long been synonymous with the city's allure, representing not just a natural landscape but the dreams, aspirations, and glamour associated with the City of Angels. By juxtaposing these iconic scenes with the transformative power of filters, "Escape" underscores the duality of LA – a city where reality and dreamscape coalesce. 


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Beyond its visual splendour, "Escape" is also a reflection on the very human desire to seek solace, to break free, and to find moments of respite amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. It speaks to the wanderer, the dreamer, and the escapist in all of us, offering a brief retreat into a world where the golden hour lasts forever, and the horizon is always just within reach. 

With "Escape", The Clique Artists beckon you to take a momentary pause from the ordinary and dive into the luminous world of LA magic. Let the filtered lights, the towering palms, and the promise of endless summers transport you to a place where every moment feels like a sunlit dream, and every scene is an ode to the art of escapism. 


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