Girl, intrupted,  80 x 80 cm /31.4 x 31.4  in, Oil on canvas, 2020


The "Illusions" series is a striking visual exploration of perception and reality, where The Clique Artists skillfully merge the digital and the tangible. This series stands as a bold interrogation of our visual experiences and the way colors and shapes can conspire to create a sense of depth, space, and form where there is none. In this innovative collection, color blocks serve as the primary agents of deception, carefully arranged to challenge the eye with their vibrancy and contrast. The meticulous placement of these blocks forms a dance of hues and tones that suggest three-dimensionality, movement, and texture. 

The pixel-like textures sprinkled throughout these works serve to further enhance the illusion, their granular appearance beckoning the viewer to question what is crafted versus what is perceived. The "Illusions" series is not just an artistic endeavor but also a psychological journey. Each piece is a microcosm of false fronts and hidden truths, a metaphor for the human condition and the constructs of our psyche. Through the manipulation of pixels and the illusion of space, the artworks subtly nod to the digital era's influence on our understanding of reality. 

Moreover, The Clique Artists imbue these works with a sense of playful curiosity. The illusions are not just to be contemplated but also to be unravelled and enjoyed. The series invites onlookers to engage, to step closer and then back, to experience the morphing truths that emerge from different perspectives. Embracing both complexity and minimalism, "Illusions" is a testament to the art of digital craftsmanship. 

The series encapsulates a convergence of technology and traditional artistry, resulting in a body of work that resonates with the modern connoisseur. It's a celebration of color, form, and the beauty inherent in the illusions we encounter and create in our daily lives. 


Hypethral, 80x80 cm / 31.4x31.4 in, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Deep, 60 X 60 cm / 23.6x23.6  in, Oil on canvas, 2020


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