Who We Are

The Clique is Efe Kurt's art studio. A young team of artists from contemporary art and architecture practices participate in creative artistic work within The Clique. The young artist team participates in the realization of high quality plastic productions on the one hand, and the sensory communication that gives the spirit of these productions on the other. The Clique aims to be a studio where creative action is performed as a team work and the artistic effects associated with this are reflected in the works.

The Clique performs production on visual arts. It aims to reveal the tactility, spatiality and sensation in the visual. The Clique argues that narratives over context should be an aftershock rather than a premise. The Clique is a search for the secondary dialogues and mutual interactions between these series of works.



What We Do

The Clique artists produce the artistic outcomes of the contemporary codes of current cultural ground.

The Clique is located at the intersection of the actual and the virtual. The place where this intersection becomes concrete is where art becomes eternal. The Clique attributes the timelessness of the art product to its visual impact, that is, to create sensation.

The Clique artists meet in the common psychodynamic space created by current cultural streams moving with tremendous speed.


About Efe Kurt

Efe Kurt is an artist and curator. He has curated many exhibitions since 2009 and has many articles on contemporary art. He continues his education on architectural design in the doctoral program. He is the co-founder of New York-based HUB Exclusive. He is the founder and editor of Warhola Contemporary Art Magazine since 2012. He is a member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics).




Gulsah Ozpercin / New York & Miami - USA

HUB Exclusive - Managing Partner - US /  HUB Design NY - Co-founder

Gulsah Ozpercin is a Msc. Architect, CPM in New York. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir in 2008 and her Master Degree from Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul in 2016. She completed Bernard M. Baruch College of CUNY Division of Continuing and Professional Studies’ Real Estate Construction Project Management Certificate Program on April 2017. Besides, she enrolled the program, which is Patrons & Sponsors for Artist from Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies. She is a Member of Chamber of Architects of Turkey and an International Member of AIA (American Institute of Architect).

Gulsah Ozpercin moved to New York in 2013. She had a chance to work with large size and famous Architectural Offices such as Tabanlioglu Architects, Sepin Architecture in Turkey. She involved in and contributed significantly to success of many international and national projects. She took in part on Project Design, Project Management and Construction Project Management side on most of the projects. She opened her own design company, Hub Design, in New York in January 2019. She lives and works in New York and Miami. 


Sevgi Ozen / London - UK

HUB Exclusive UK -  Managing Partner / SOO Design UK - Founder

Sevgi Ozen’s background is coming from architecture. She had been in big scale projects before, from high-end residences, luxury villas, 5-star hotels to shopping malls. She worked as a Design Office Manager at Torun Center for almost 7 years which is Architect Emre Arolat`s project. She is talented to create solutions in the construction field and draws shop drawings to build any kind of interior. With her 15 years of experience in the construction field, she founded London based company Soo Design and Architectural Consultants Ltd. She is the managing partner of HUB Exclusive - UK. 





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