Who We Are

The Clique is an innovative artist team led by Efe Kurt based in New York City. 

All of The Clique artists come from the fields of art, design and architecture.

The Clique performs production on visual arts . It aims to reveal the tactility, spatiality and sensation in the visual. The Clique argues that narratives over context should be an aftershock rather than a premise.

The Clique is an attempt to bring out artworks by different artists making different series. The Clique is a search for the secondary dialogues and mutual interactions between these series of works.


What We Do

The Clique artists produce the artistic outcomes of the contemporary codes of current cultural ground.

The Clique is located at the intersection of the actual and the virtual. The place where this intersection becomes concrete is where art becomes eternal. The Clique attributes the timelessness of the art product to its visual impact, that is, to create sensation.

The production of the artwork series arises from the collaboration of The Clique artists with Efe Kurt. 

The Clique artists meet in the common psychodynamic space created by current cultural streams moving with tremendous speed.



Using Format