Who We Are

The Clique Artists, a dynamic art studio led by Efe Kurt, boasts a team from contemporary art and architectural fields, operating from New York, Istanbul, and Miami. This team collaborates on both unique and commissioned artworks, with a focus on digital artistry despite having a physical studio. Their work, primarily emphasizes tactile, spatial, and emotional dimensions in visual art. 

The Clique Artists believe the story behind their art should emerge post-creation, aiming to foster dialogues and deeper audience engagement through their extensive digital portfolio. The Clique Artists is a collaborative hub leveraging digital technologies to extend the narrative and experiential scope of their artworks, making a mark in the art sphere across the vibrant cities.



What We Do

The Clique Artists channel the modern vibes and contemporary essence of today's cultural landscape into their artistic creations. They sit at the crossroads of reality and the digital realm. It's at this juncture, where tangible meets virtual, that their art takes on a timeless quality. The Clique believes the enduring nature of art stems from its visual impact, and its ability to create sensations.

Among a fast-paced cultural current, The Clique artists converge in a shared mental and emotional space. This space, animated by the swift flow of contemporary cultural waves, is a fertile ground where their digital artistry germinates, resonates, and interacts with the zeitgeist.


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