"The scientific perspective of the world, especially the living world, inexorably impresses on us a dynamic picture of the world of entities and structures involved in continuous and incessant change and in process without ceasing"  

Arthur Peacocke


The mysteries of spaces, the stories of individuals, chance encounters, shifts in axes, and the exploration of depths... 

The Archworks Series is an artistic exploration to capture the essence of space. Each piece serves as a key to revealing the hidden meanings and emotions within these spaces' depths. These works captivate the viewer, allowing them to feel the texture of the space and engage with it. They question the complexity of urban life and the relationship between individuals and their surroundings. In this series, spaces are sometimes separated by narrow and wide triangles, sometimes presented in geometric sequences of consecutive rectangles, and create a new space with squares divided into pixels on the ground. Spaces are fragmented, then brought together, integrated, and presented anew.

The Archworks Series constructs a bridge between the abstract and the concrete. The interaction between human figures and geometric elements reflects the liveliness and dynamism of urban spaces. The colours and compositions in these works deepen the viewer's emotional experience and convey the energy of the space.

Archworks invites viewers to acquaint themselves with the secrets behind these spaces and explore the environment's language and rhythm. Each artwork ignites the viewer's imagination, enriches their thought experiences, and evokes the enchantment of urban spaces. Simultaneously, it transcends the boundaries of spaces, taking the viewer to the next level of perception in visual art. Archworks transform the meaning of urban spaces using the power of art and offer a unique experience to the viewer.


Subtraction, 100cm x 100cm/ 39.3 x39.3 in , Oil on canvas, 2020

Subtraction No:01, Detail


Dynamics No:01, 165cm x120cm/ 64.9x47.2 in , Acrylic on Canvas, 2020, Detail

Dynamics No:04, 100cm x 60cm/ 39.3 x 23.6 in , Acrylic on Canvas, 2020, Detail

Fragmentation No:01, 165cm x120cm/ 64.9x47.2 in , Acrylic on Canvas, 2020, Detail

Deepening, (80cm x80cm/ 31.5x35.5 in , Acrylic on Canvas, 2023


"Archworks" is a distinctive series from The Clique Artists that encapsulates the grandeur and solemnity of architectural spaces through the lens of abstract geometry. This collection is a tribute to the invisible lines and curves that bind the silhouettes of urban skylines and iconic edifices. It is an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between the structural foundations of our environment and the aesthetic principles of art. 

Each piece within the "Archworks" series is a confluence of precise geometric intersections that define and redefine the spaces we inhabit. The artists dissect the complexity of architectural design into its core geometric components, creating an interplay of lines, angles, and shapes that convey a sense of balance and tension. The result is an artistic distillation of form and function that speaks to both the stability and the dynamism of built environments. 


The Clique Artists employ a minimalist palette to highlight the purity of shape and contour, allowing shadows and light to act as subtle gradations that give life to the stark geometries. This interplay is a metaphor for the daily interactions between people and spaces, light and shadow, public and private domains. It’s a reflection on how these interactions, though often unnoticed, are fundamental in shaping both our physical world and our internal perceptions of it. 

"Archworks" goes beyond the mere representation of architecture; it is an immersive experience that invites viewers to contemplate the essence of space itself. Each geometric intersection acts as a node of possibilities, a point of convergence for the viewer’s sight and mind, a crossroads between the material world and the intangible qualities of space we sense but cannot touch. 


This series resonates with anyone who marvels at the complexity of architecture and finds beauty in the structural bones of buildings. It’s an homage to the architects’ dreams cast in concrete, glass, and steel, and a reminder of the profound ways these constructs shape our lives. "Archworks" stands as a silent yet powerful testament to the discipline of design and the artistry that underpins the human-made landscape. 


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