"The Bulls" series refers to the cultural journey of humankind stretching from cave paintings to city walls. Here, there is an abstraction where the lines starting in the cave paintings are transferred from the cave walls to the walls of the city. 


Spatially, the place of art is as old as the history of architecture. The paintings inside the Chauvet Cave in France, dated to 32,000 years ago, are considered the first example of this. Again, the reliefs and drawings that emerged in Göbekli Tepe can be considered as a good example of the co-production of architecture and art. 

The links between the drawings in these paintings and modern art point to the things that remain the same between the first man and today's man. It emerges as a powerful reminder and is reintroduced into interiors through the canvas, from the cave wall to the city wall. The Bulls series aims to imaginatively produce the possibilities of this interaction and open it to new meanings.


The Bulls No:01, 100x100 cm, Mixed media on canvas, 2020

The Bulls No:01, Detail

The Bulls No:01, Installation


The Bulls no:01, 120x120 cm, Mixed media on canvas, 2021


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